The Kargro Group

Committed to guiding the tyre industry towards a sustainable future

Founded in 1968, the Kargro Group is a prominent international player in the circular tyre processing industry. The group, comprising four key operating companies, is dedicated to the circular processing of dismantled truck and passenger car tyres, aiming to preserve the planet and facilitate the future of the tyre industry.


Less CO2


Less oil


Less raw materials

Circular processing of tyres

With decades of investments in circular tire processing techniques, methodologies, and operational infrastructure, the Kargro Group offers its clients nothing but the best services, products, and access to a global business network.

The Kargro Group adopts a two-fold approach to the circular processing of tires. The first approach extends the lifecycle of quality tire casings by assessing them for reuse or applying proprietary retreading processes and technologies. The second approach involves recovering valuable raw materials from processed tires to ensure their continued use in diverse fields of application.

Sustainability at our core

The group is committed to leading the tire industry towards a sustainable future, driven by value-oriented circular products and technologies. In anticipation of the increasing global demand for both its retreading services and processed raw materials, the group consistently invests in process innovation and the expansion of its processing capacity.

With sustainability at its core and as a fundamental principle, the Kargro Group serves a network of global customers with best-in-class services and products. In addition to its operations, the group collaborates extensively with leading tire producers, specialists, and universities to provide the highest quality and best-performing products available.