Inspection of demounted truck tires

Every day, 18 of our inspectors visit tire specialists, and transport companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern France, and Germany to select demounted truck tires.

Kargro Banden permanently has a 26 EURO 6—of which 3 LZV—truck fleet on the road to ensure fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly transport of selected tires.

Casings that are suitable for retreading are purchased. Alternatively, casings that can no longer be retreaded are directly transported (at gate fee costs) to our sister company Kargro Recycling in Nederweert for processing.

At the location in Montfoort, all selected quality casings are sorted by brand and size. Following this sorting process, the quality casings are stored at either the Montfoort or Emmeloord location.

The quality casings are sold worldwide to tire retreading companies.

CRS (Casing Registration System)

The Casing Registration System (KRS in dutch) is an independent, digital casing registration service, provided by Kargro Group. Demounted commercial truck tires are inspected in a separate CRS unit in Montfoort.

After demounting, the commercial truck tires are provided with a wear-resistant CRS sticker. The names of the individual tire specialist or transport company are printed on the sticker in advance. The remaining information will be filled in after inspection.

In Montfoort, all casings are digitally registered and entered in the CRS database. The tires are inspected and photographed, after which all individual tire data is entered in the CRS.

Tire owners can then view tire data by logging into their own digital environment. Based on this data, analyses can be produced easily that give insight into tire policy improvements.

Examples of tire policy improvements can come from following insights;

A certain tire size or brand has a high failure rate or abnormal wear pattern. These patterns can be easily ascertained from the system. For instance, disassembly may have been performed too early, or there are vehicle deviations that cause abnormal wear. Other causes include low air pressure or external damage caused by sharp metal or stone objects on the road.

Inspection at the CRS site in Montfoort enables tire owners, in consultation with a Kargro tire specialist, to gain analytical insights for improving their tire policy, and thus proactively improving returns on kilometre contracts and maintaining a balanced tire administration.

Should you wish to know more about our innovative CRS service and want a higher return on your truck tire, please feel free to contact our sales department.

Inventory Management

Kargro Banden has two storage areas for quality casings. In Montfoort and Emmeloord, all quality casings are sorted by brand and size. By maintaining a stock of 200,000 casings, international tire retreading companies may order specific quality casings out of stock and have them retreaded locally.

Thanks to this Kargro Banden inventory management service, tire retreading companies do not have to keep large stocks themselves and may order high quality casings on demand. Kargro Banden customers can save on storage costs and avoid the risk of unsold stocks.

Should you want more information about our inventory management system, please feel free to contact our sales department.

Transport Services

Every day, 18 of our inspectors inspect demounted commercial truck tires on location. Kargro Banden has a 26 EURO 6 truck fleet to transport selected tires in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Northern France to the main storage in Montfoort. From the head office in Montfoort, transport activities throughout Europe are supported by an experienced logistics department.

After the Kargro Banden inspector has inspected the demounted truck tires on location at the customer, the tires are directly transported. This fast and reliable service allows Kargro Banden customers to manage their own sites more efficiently. Our transport services are available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern France, and Germany. In other parts of Europe, quality casings are only purchased from local traders focused on specific tire sizes and brands. Transport from tires is provided externally.

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