Quality Casings

Kargro Banden is a key player in the circular economy of truck tires. Kargro Banden collects demounted truck-tire casings from tire specialists and transport companies. Casings that are suitable for retreading are purchased and stored by size and brand in Montfoort and Emmeloord.  Every day, 18 of our inspectors inspect demounted truck tires on location. Kargro Banden has a 26 EURO 6 truck fleet to transport the selected tires in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Northern France. Outside this transport zone, quality casings are only purchased from local traders in a limited number of sizes.

The casings are delivered to tire retreading companies all over the world on demand from stock. The casings are provided with new treads on location, giving them a second or even third life. Besides significant cost and raw material savings, the retreaded truck tires are provided with internationally recognised quality certificates that guarantee safety, quality, and sustainability.

Tire retreading

(gives approved quality casings a second life)

Kargro Banden supplies quality casings to tire retreading companies around the world. At the central location in Montfoort and Emmeloord, all quality casings are sorted by brand and size. This allows global tire retreading companies to always order from stock and process their orders.

The Kargro Group also has its own tire retreading production lines in Montfoort and Nieuwmoer (Belgium). Subsidiary Banden Plan Europa BV provides quality casings with new treads. All retreaded tires are provided with the brand names UBO (following a hot retreading process), Bandag (following a cold retreading process), or Marangoni (following a patented cold retreading process).

Banden Plan Europa is affiliated with Bipaver, the European umbrella organisation of the independent tyre retreading industry.

Rubber Granulates and Micro Powders

Scrap tires are processed into granulates and micro powders by our subsidiary Kargro Recycling.

The finest rubber powders, Ambifine and Cryofine, are reused in rubber compounds that are applied in the production of new tires and treads.

The granulates and powders are processed in many different applications.

For a complete list of all applications and products, please visit the Kargro Recycling website.

Micro rubber powders en rubber granulaten

Afgekeurde truckbanden worden door onze dochtermaatschappij Kargro Recycling verwerkt tot fijne rubberpoeders en granulaten.
De fijnste poeders, Ambifine en Cryofine,  worden hergebruikt in rubber preparaten waarmee nieuwe banden en loopvlakken worden geproduceerd.

De granulaten worden verwerkt in verschillende toepassingen. Voor een volledige lijst van alle verschillende toepassingen en producten bezoek de website van Kargro Recycling.


In addition to rubber, scrap tires contain a high percentage of steel. Recovered high-quality steel is sold to iron smelters .

Scrap tires are transported to our sister company Kargro Recycling in Nederweert. After the scrap tires have been shredded into shreds, the material is put into a processing line. Rubber will now be separated from the steel by means of a post-grinding system. Thanks to this complex technology, 10,000 tons of steel are recovered from scrap tires every year.

For more information, please visit the Kargro Recycling website.

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